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Loving Acceptance  & Accessibility

Grounding Statements that center Sacred Healing for All

All Hands In

Healing is for Everyone!

At Sacred Womb Works, we believe that everyone should have access to the healing tools they need to be well and survive. No one deserves to be turned away because of their socioeconomic status and no one will be!

Currency comes in many forms.

At Sacred Womb Works, we honor the universal law of abundance and believe that as ones gives, one receives. Along with money, we believe that love, joy, pleasure, creativity, community and sacred connection are also viable forms of currency which we happily and lovingly accept. 

Wellness Coach

The Spirit in me honors the Spirit in You.

At Sacred Womb Works, we acknowledge and honor the sacred spirit of every individual that we encounter.

You are enough!

At Sacred Womb Works, we believe that every individual soul has something to offer our community and the world. We celebrate the special gifts in every individual that we encounter. 

Holding Hands
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