Full Circle Doula Services

Being with-child is a beautiful, life-changing experience. It is a precious and sacred journey that should be honored with intentional care and support every step of the way.

As a Full Circle Doula, I am equipped to provide you with pregnancy, birth and postpartum support -- including childbirth education, labor comfort measures and  breastfeeding support.

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a doula consultation to discuss your individual needs. 

3 benefits of having 

a full circle doula:

1. Physical, emotional and informational

support for you and your partner throughout your journey

2. Learn relaxation techniques and comfort measures to help you feel calm and supported during and after your birth

3. Receive holistic care that honors your body, mind and spirit and supports you to feel empowered to trust your inner body wisdom 

WhaT you can expect:

Prenatal Session

Nesting Support

Birth Visioning Session

1-on-1 Belly Bliss Session

Labor & Delivery Support

Postpartum Check-in

Breastfeeding Support

Newborn Care and Sibling Support

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