The Blood  & Birth Project


The Blood & Birth Project highlights the sacred truth that bleeding labors are birthing labors. Your blood is your life force, and the catalyst for your monthly metamorphosis. Living with this awareness supports you to honor your blood as sacred and utilize the life force energy to journey forward with birthing your divinity, 

Menstruation is the gateway to retrieving the deep wisdom of your foremothers. 
With each bleeding labor, you have an opportunity to access your inner wealth, activate your creativity, and harness your power to use this fertile energy to bring forth whatever you choose to manifest. Your birthing potential goes far beyond fertility. Menopause is another potent portal that supports you to delve into the deep wisdom of the primordial mothers because you are cycling with moon.

The Blood & Birth Project is a culmination of sacred storyshares from wombholders and birthgivers about the sacred interconnection of blood and birth. The art installation will showcase the art and words of wombholders, birthgivers, and birthworkers. The short documentary film series will will focus on conversations about the sacred interconnection of blood and birth by exploring themes of self-care, mother-daughter relationships, fertility, and body trauma.

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Confetti Girl
Pink Balloons

First Blood Soiree


Honor Your Mind, Heart & Body
Reframing attitudes and beliefs about menstruation
Sacred self-love and self-care rituals

Developing physical and energetic awareness 
Honor Your Flow
Understanding your F.L.O.W.
Creative ways to chart your cycle

The Red Tent Soiree: A Blood Rites Celebration
Embodied Womb Dance Practice

Hugging a Pillow_edited.jpg
Hot Water Bottle

Blissful Bleeding Companion

Do you wish you felt less alone or had someone to help you navigate the physical and emotional labors during your sacred bleeding time?
Netsenet will provide you with physical or virtual support which includes sacred rituals, herbal recipes and comfort measures to help you transform your sacred bleeding time into a blissful bleeding experience. 


Honor Your Flow

Internal + External Womb Anatomy 
Inner + Outer Seasons of Cycle
Menstrual Product Exploration
Sacred Ritual + Storyshares
Affirmation Meditation
Gift Presentation + Dance Party 


Sacred Offerings for your Blood Rites Journey

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Copy of blissful bleeding kit.png