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Pregnant Belly

Birth Visioning Session

With the use of guided visualization meditation techniques, aromatherapy and crystal healing, this experience is mean to support the pregnant parent + partner with envisioning their ideal birthing experience. Insights gained from the birth visioning session will be used to craft a birth plan.

Birth Visioning

Belly Mapping Soiree

A fun, intimate, and informative gathering to honor the pregnancy journey and celebrate baby's growth. Belly Mapping is a simple and fun process used to determine the baby's position in the womb and support the pregnant parent + partner with identifying the baby's parts.

Belly Mapping
Gift Giving

Blessingway Ceremony

This experience honors the rites of passage to parenthood and provides an opportunity for loved ones to come together and bless the pregnant parent with an abundance of love, support, and pampering.

Blessingway Ceremony
Baby Bliss Session

Baby Bliss Session

Pamper your baby with a sacred spa bath and massage. This session will include an instructional lesson on baby massage techniques using natural oils, soothing scents and calming touch to create intimate moments with baby.

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