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Are you ready to develop a sacred connection to your bleeding time?

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Since 2016, Netsenet has served as a youth empowerment guide for menstrual health awareness. She has facilitated workshops at several nonprofit organizations including Crittenton Services of Greater Washington and Girls Inc DC. 

For many years, Netsenet suffered from menstrual-related challenges and her womb healing journey became the seed for creating Sacred Womb Works. Netsenet believes that it is a necessity to hold space for young girls and women to learn, explore, and practice honoring their bleeding time as sacred not shameful.

Netsenet's mission with the Honor Your Flow program is to support young girls to build a healthy, positive and sacred relationship with their wombs and bleeding time from the start so that they can grow into women that have confidence, knowledge and optimistic attitudes about menstruation and reproductive health. She believes that reaching young girls before or at the onset of menarche is critical to creating a shift in the future implications of black women's maternal health.  

Learn more about Netsenet's womb healing journey here.

Sacred Ceremonies 

Confetti Girl
Pink Balloons

First Blood Soiree

Workshops & Programs

Honor Your Mind, Heart, & Body
Reframing attitudes and beliefs about menstruation
Sacred self-love and self-care rituals

Developing physical and energetic awareness 
Honor Your Flow
Understanding your F.L.O.W.
Creative ways to chart your cycle

The Red Tent Soiree: A Blood Rites Celebration
Embodied Womb Dance Practice


Honor Your Flow

Internal + External Womb Anatomy 
Inner + Outer Seasons of Cycle
Menstrual Product Exploration
Sacred Ritual + Storyshares
Affirmation Meditation
Gift Presentation + Dance Party 


Sacred Offerings for your Blood Rites Journey

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